Fine Jewelry designed by Marlena Masiejczyk.

About us

Sen Jewelry was created for those who want to feel special while wearing a unique piece of art. Made-to-order and timeless, Sen’s clients showcase their personality, they covet rare and non-mass-produced fine jewelry & feel connected to who they are at their core, when wearing jewelry from our collection.

Sen’s founder, Marlena Masiejczyk, is a Poland-native and worked 15 years as an international fashion model. Marlena was fortunate to see the world while modeling in print ads, commercials and runway shows, having worked in Europe, Asia, South Africa & the USA, and is now based in Warsaw.

When Marlena was a young child, she recalls seeing jewels in museums, which took her breath away and connected her more to her own imagination. As she matured, Marlena was inspired by stunning fine jewelry pieces and the idea that a perfect piece can make the difference in someone looking good or looking absolutely incredible. As a model, of course her favorite projects were for jewelry clients; being adorned with stunning metals and gemstones was a dream, realized.

Marlena completed a Master’s degree in Management. Years later, while living in Indonesia, Marlena began seriously thinking about how she wanted to leave her mark on an industry outside of modeling and instead of continuing to dream in jewels, she worked on actually creating jewelry. Marlena took action to pivot her career into fine jewelry design. She accepted an internship while in Jakarta to develop her skill with 3D jewelry design and completed the GIA certification for diamonds, precious metals & gemstones. Mentored by a former diamond dealer who kindly helped by allowing Marlena to use his arsenal of gems, she gained key experience early on in her design career. Utilizing unique & hard-to-obtain gemstones, some pieces you see on our website were ideated and perfected in Indonesia.

Then followed a more formal education once back in Poland: an invaluable 1 year goldsmith school, which commanded next-level design for stability & production; all the more important as Sen’s clients deserve well-made and brilliant products in their fine jewelry investment. Finally, Marlena gained a diamond grading certification at HRD Antwerp.

Combining lifelong passion and acquired knowledge, Sen Jewelry’s mission is creating luxury products for those who want to look and feel incredible every day.

Dream more often then you sleep.

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